CACI Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates

Template design

caci templates

By incorporating and expanding on existing brand guidelines from CACI, Infinitum desiged a new set of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates for the corporate company. CACI wanted a fresh new look for their internal and external documents and presentations but also wanted them to be consistent throughout their departments. With nearly 1,000 employees locally, this would be a challenge to get everyone on board.

We first came up with a look and feel that was both modern and corporate at the same time. From this, we established the brand guidelines for the updated identity including typography, primary and secondary colours, image styles and a set of icons.

With the Word templates, we needed to create new styles for paragraphs, headings, headers, footers, tables, charts, bullet lists, quotes and table of contents. These needed to be intuitive and compatible with various versions of Microsoft Office. The Powerpoint templates work in parallel with the Word documents. The defined brand guidelines were used to create various slide layout options, while bringing over styles for tables, charts and bullet lists.

For both templates, an in-depth user guide was provided to give instructions and guidance on how the templates are to be used and how users can convert existing documents into the new templates.